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Towns twinned with Halle

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Towns twinned with Halle (Saale)

Partnerships between towns or cities mainly arise through contacts existing between citizens, local politicians, school pupils or institutes.

The town of Halle (Saale) is twinned with the following towns:

Twinned Towns

1. Linz (Austria) since 1975
2. Oulu (Finland) since 1972
3. Ufa (Bashkortostan) since 1997
4. Karlsruhe (Germany) since 1987
5. Grenoble (France) since 1976
6. Jiaxing (China) since 2009
7. Savannah (Georgia, USA) since 2011

Town Friendships

7. Hildesheim (Germany) since 1990
8. Coimbra (Portugal) since 1976

Importance of town twinning

During 1947 with the Second World War as a background, the twinning of the first towns took place on the basis of promoting understanding between nations. The aim and purpose of twinning is the cultural and economic exchange between two towns or communities. In doing so, the size and structure of the town and activities within associations all play a special role. A further objective of twinning is to bring the citizens of the towns together irrespective of their occupation, age or social position.

Destination Board

Town Halle (Saale)

Team Representation
Marktplatz 1
D-06108 Halle (Saale)

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Postal Address

Büro des Oberbürgermeisters
Team Repräsentation
06100 Halle (Saale)



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+49 345 221-4110

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