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In Case of Emergency

Emergency Telephone Number
Police - Emergency 110
Emergency Services (Ambulance) 112
Fire Brigade 112
Fire Disaster Service and Rescue Service Monitoring Station (Round the clock service) 0345 221-5000
Attention, the following fax numbers are for the deaf and dumb, deaf and those with a speech disorder:
Fax-Emergency(For fire and medical emergencies) 0345 8048617
Fax-Emergency (For the police) 0345 2241290

 This is what you must report:

  1. Where has something happened? Exact description of the location, street, house number, storey.
  2. What has happened? Short description of the emergency situation (Fire, accident, is there danger to human life)
  3. How many are injured?
  4. What types of injuries/dangers are there?
  5. Who is reporting the accident?
  6. Wait for queries!

Here a list of further emergency services: 

Emergency Ambulance


St. Elisabeth und
St. Barbara Krankenhaus
Mauerstraße 5
06110 Halle (Saale)

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Emergency Ambulance for Children:

+49 345 213-4310

For Adults:

+49 345 213-4651

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays:

08:00 until 22:00 hrs